Healthy Benefits of Bone Broth

When you hear the term "leaky gut," what comes to mind? Digestive issues...? Tummy troubles...? Food sensitivities...? In reality, a leaky gut creates far more trouble than an upset stomach. Your health greatly depends on the balance of good and bad microbes that live inside your gut. How do microbes help you? Food digestion, immune system management, … Continue reading Healthy Benefits of Bone Broth

7 Signs You Need Probiotics

Gut health is a hot topic. Emerging research tells us that the gut is our second brain. It is the root cause of disease and where healing begins. But do you know if your gut is actually in danger? First, lets talk about the gut. The intestinal tract hosts over 100 trillion microbes → this is … Continue reading 7 Signs You Need Probiotics

6 Reasons To Eat More Avocado

Avocados are an amazing superfood. They offer healthy fats, antioxidants and essential nutrients for heart health and hormone balance. Avocados are actually fruit - not vegetables. They fit well in sweet and savory dishes, supporting digestive health and boosting your daily intake of fiber. Here are some terrific reasons to add more avocado to your … Continue reading 6 Reasons To Eat More Avocado

Superfoods for Brain Health

Today, I'm going to piggyback off of BrainSharp's post on brain-boosting supplements and take a more in-depth look at the foods that enhance cognition and support mental well-being. Eating well is as good for your mental health as it is for your physical health, and your brain craves nutrients to keep it healthy and happy. … Continue reading Superfoods for Brain Health

8 Healthy Benefits of Celery

The origins of celery trace back to ancient Mediterranean and North African cultures. It contains healthy minerals, like calcium, iron and zinc. It also has fatty acids and vitamins that provide a variety of health benefits to those who snack on this common veggie. Here are a few reasons why you should add celery to … Continue reading 8 Healthy Benefits of Celery

Can Bacteria Talk To Your Brain?

Our brain and digestive system are intimately linked So closely, in fact, that many experts say it should be viewed as one system. The gut is often referred to as "the second brain" and contents of this second brain can profoundly affect our first. Bacteria in our digestive systems may help mold brain structure as … Continue reading Can Bacteria Talk To Your Brain?

Best Breakfast Foods for Gut Health

Gut health It seems like everyone is talking about it....and rightfully so! Experts say that your microbiome is directly linked to your overall wellness, including stress levels, sleep quality, ability to focus, and increased risk of developing serious autoimmune disorders [1]. Breakfast is an opportunity to get your gut moving in the right direction. The … Continue reading Best Breakfast Foods for Gut Health

Understanding Your Microbiome

What is the microbiome? It is the collection of microscopic organisms in and on your body. It mainly includes different bacteria, fungi and viruses. Your overall health greatly depends on the balance of the microbes that live inside your gut. Microbes outnumber human cells by approximately 10 trillion. Your microbes may weigh as much as … Continue reading Understanding Your Microbiome

The Arthritis Diet

Over 50 million Americans have arthritis. It is the number one cause of disability in the country! Arthritis is not a single disease, but a way of referring to different kinds of joint pain [1]. Read more about how the microbiome affects this disease.   It is plain and simple: the microbiome impacts arthritic health. … Continue reading The Arthritis Diet

Candida Albicans and Arthritis

Candida Albicans This little yeast is a common member of the microbiome. Typically, our bodies have a commensal relationship with Candida → the yeast benefits from living in our gut without causing us any damage. However, eating a diet full of refined carbohydrates, routinely drinking alcohol, and living a high-stress lifestyle can cause this Candida to overgrow. Inflammation … Continue reading Candida Albicans and Arthritis