Top Pinterest Group Boards for Every Blogger

If you’re a new blogger trying to grow your traffic, Pinterest should be your top priority. Developing a strong pinning strategy is really the most important step, and joining group boards will set you up for success. Pinning to group boards will dramatically increase the number of people seeing your pins. They make it easy to share pins with thousands of viewers, many of whom are likely share your pins again!

Top Pinterest Boards for Every Blogger
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If you’re struggling with where to start, I strongly recommend you read my post on Pinterest Ninja. When I first started blogging, I had no idea that Pinterest required a strategy. I was spending hours a day pinning, hoping that some unsuspecting pinners would simply happen upon my images. I look back and can’t believe I wasted so much of my time! Click here to read more about why I LOVE this tool so much.

Are you struggling to bring readers to your blog? Learn how to become a Pinterest Ninja and drive massive amounts of traffic.

Before I share a list of Pinterest’s top group boards, I invite you join mine! I have four group boards open for collaboration. If you’d like to join, simply follow my Pinterest account and leave a comment below with your info!

Healthy Living & Natural Wellness
Happy Blogging (for all niches)
Blogging Tips & Tricks
How to Rock Pinterest

Top Pinterest Group Boards for Every Blogger

Top Blogs – Pinterest Viral Board

***Bloggers ‘Post it’ Board***

Blogging Pros Group Board

POST YOUR BLOG! Bloggers Promote Here

Share All Your Pins

Top Influential Bloggers

Best of the Best Blog Posts

Group Board (Open)

Awesome Blog Posts

The Best of Lifestyle & Blogging


Bloggers With Heart

♥Pinterest for Pro Bloggers

All Time Best Pins

Bloggers Going Pro

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…and, because I’m a food and wellness blogger, I thought I’d throw in a few of my favorite health and fitness boards!

Health & Fitness

“Our Precious ♥ Health”

Health & Fitness Bloggers

Fitness & Food

Natural Home Remedies

Remember that joining group boards on Pinterest will only get you so far. Aside from developing a pinning strategy, you need visually stunning pins to attract viewers.  You can read how to create the perfect pin here.

If the thought of joining all theses group boards makes your head spin, joining a Pinterest scheduler might be helpful. My favorite is Tailwind. It is easy to use and FREE to get started. Simply schedule your pins to various boards and let Tailwind do the rest for you. Since joining Tailwind, my Pinterest stats have taken off. My Pinterest followers have doubled and continue to rise steadily. Check it out by clicking the photo below!
Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


I’ll be the first to admit it: when I first started blogging, I had no idea where to begin! I spent hours online trying to learn as much as I could. And, let me tell you what…I wasted so much of my time! So, let me save you the trouble and recommend an amazing eBook called Blog Pretty by Vanessa Gollasch of Blog Pixie. Vanessa is a seasoned blogger with enormous success. She wrote this eBook for those of you who need a little blogging guidance. I love this book! Click on the photo below to read my review of this eBook and see all of what it has to offer.Blog Pretty eBook

Happy Blogging!

Alyssa Veech from Simply Serene


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