10 Tips for Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Holiday parties are upon us, and this means temptation is not far behind. But, don’t fret! You can still say “yes” to holiday food and stay on track with these 10 tips for eating healthy during the  holidays.

Tip #1: Choose Your Portions Wisely

The saying rings true: your eyes are bigger than your stomach. Holiday parties are filled with food and cocktails – as far as the eye can see – to throw you off track and leave you in a carb coma. Instead of loading up your plate with large servings of each delicious option, start with a small portion of the dishes you’d like to try the most. You can always go back for a little more if you find something you love.

Tip #2: Spoil Your Appetite 

Choosing the right healthy appetizers before dinner takes the edge of your hunger and leaves you with a clean, guilt-free slate. Steer clear of fried options and opt for fresh, low calorie apps. Fresh fruit, bite sized veggies and shrimp cocktail are good places to start!

Tip #3: Choose Your Dips Wisely

Although a party staple, dips are particularly unhealthy for you. They offer up sneaky calories that you glob all over other foods, like chips, crackers and breads.  What’s the worst culprit of all? Steer clear of the crab dip. Think of all the fatty, creamy condiments you can image, and chances are, you’ll find them in this dip. Most crab dips are packed with mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and cream cheese…all in the same little bowl. Avoid the dip. You’ll thank yourself later.

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Tip #4: Scan the Room

Before loading up your plate with every finger food in site, take a moment to do a once-over. Scan the spread of party food so you know what’s available and what you have to choose from. Take a moment to decide what you’d like to try and then help yourself to two or three tings you truly love.

Tip #5: Drink More Water

This tip rings true throughout the year. Sipping on water keeps you fuller for longer and helps control those inescapable cravings. Choosing water over sugary punches and cocktails saves you the calories and the inevitable sugar crash. It also keeps your skin looking clean and fresh for all those holiday photos.

Tip #6: Back Away from the Buffet

Don’t linger by the food. This simple tip is easily forgotten, but may save you hundreds of calories from mindless nibbling. If it’s right in front of you, you’ll be more tempted to pick it up and eat it, even if you’re already stuffed. Make conversation far from he buffet, forcing you to make conscious decisions about what to eat.

Tip #7: Be a Smart Cookie

When it comes to dessert, make smart choices. Try to focus on one dessert that you love to enjoy during the holidays. Savor the flavor and embrace the experience. Whether it be a few Christmas cookies or a delicious piece of cheesecake, you’ll be glad you made a conscious choice.

Tip #8: Don’t Like It? Don’t Eat It? 

Were you raised with your mother leaning over your shoulder and insisting you “clean your plate?” Many of us are programmed to eat everything on our plate: “It’s rude not to finish those potatoes you scooped up.” “It’s frivolous to waste that extra piece of ham you’re not a fan of.” Don’t listen to those voices in your head. You are in charge of your health and you are responsible for what you choose to put in your mouth. Not hungry? Don’t like it? Don’t eat it.

Tip #9: Skip the Eggnog

Just one cup of eggnog has almost 400 calories and 20 grams of fat. Made with heavy cream and rum, this festive drink will have you packing on the pounds in no-time. If you’re craving a creamy holiday cocktail, opt for Spiked Hot Chocolate or try a low-fat version, like Skinny Eggnog.

Tip #10: Bring a Cute Clutch

Although this tip might sound bizarre, it is a tried-and-true method for avoiding holiday weight gain. Hold a clutch in one hand and a drink in the other. When you’re hands are occupied, it’s tough to reach for that fried egg roll or mini quiche. Do yourself a favor and pick up a cute clutch for your next holiday shindig.


11 thoughts on “10 Tips for Eating Healthy During the Holidays

  1. I love these! I started eating healthier right before Thanksgiving and it’s been a struggle! My next move is getting a clutch for holiday parties, I think that just might help, thank you so much for sharing this with us! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I always try to scan the room before I make my choices, and am always very careful around the desserts because I have a HUGE sweet tooth. It’s incredible how quickly I can put myself in a sugar coma, ha! I love the clutch tip! Never would have thought about that. Easy way to keep your hands occupied so you don’t have that “oh I need to get something” feeling. I love that your tips are easy to relate to and employ. Merry Christmas!!

  3. That tip about not “cleaning your plate” is an excellent one! So many of us have lost the ability to stop eating when we’re not hungry or when we don’t like a food. Relying on too many external cues makes it much harder for us to listen to our own bodies and only eat when we’re hungry.

  4. Great tips! I love the scanning of the room and not eating what you don’t like. Too often we get wrapped up in eating everything because we feel guilty for putting it on our plate Going to share with my facebook group for my blog! Thanks!

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