5 Ways to Detox Your Body Naturally

Detox is not deprivation.

When most people hear the word “detox,” they immediately think of deprivation. And if you search the word “detox” on Google, you will come up with thousands of websites offering detox cleanses as a quick and easy weight loss fix.

The reality is this: if you are in the process of making healthy lifestyle changes to improve your microbiome, your body will go through a pretty major detoxification process. Why does this happen? See my post on candida overgrowth.

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Get rid of refined carbohydrates.

When your body is used to being fed a diet high in refined carbohydrates (SUGAR), your body becomes stressed out. Not only will your microbiome be thrown out of whack, but your pancreas will become sick and tired of pumping out so much insulin to combat this excess sugar. What happens then? You become chronically fatigued, constantly anxious, and increasingly overweight. And despite all of that, your body will continue to crave the sugary foods that made you so unhappy in the first place.

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Detox your body naturally.

So, what is happening in the body that causes these detox symptoms? When we actively “cleanse” our bodies, our cells see this as an opportunity to release an even greater amount of stored toxins and metabolic waste products →the body becomes overwhelmed at the unusually large amount of toxins being released on a cellular level throughout the body. Bad bacteria and yeast overgrowth are used to the excess sugars in our diet. When we begin to deprive these microorganisms of refined carbohydrates, they start releasing toxins into the bloodstream causing headache, nausea, and fatigue.

When you decide to take poor gut health head on, there is a pretty good chance you will go through a natural detox. So, what can you do to speed up this detox and make the process more bearable? Here are a few simple ways to help your body:

detox with waterStart with water.

Our bodies are made of 2/3 water. It aids in flushing out toxins, reduces fatigue, aids in digestion, and even promotes weight loss. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces every day. To learn more about staying well hydrated, see my post on dehydration. Lemon water benefits the enzyme functions in your body, stimulating the liver and flushing out toxins. Because it’s a mild diuretic, you might find yourself using the bathroom more often, helping the urinary tract get rid of any unwanted elements. All of this helps detox the body and support clean skin.

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Eat organic.

Avoid process foods and refined sugar. Try to incorporate different fruits and vegetables into your diet. Feel free to add in whole grains, beans, legumes and nuts for extra fiber and protein.

Sweat it out running.jpg

Sweat it out.

Whether it be sitting in a sauna or jogging around the neighborhood, there is nothing more detoxifying that sweating it out.

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Drink more tea.

Tea is full of antioxidants and will help keep you hydrated. Herbal tea also helps to satisfy food cravings and keeps you feeling fuller longer.

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Get some sleep.

You will need plenty of rest to properly detox the body. Your body detoxes when you sleep, and not getting enough will disrupt the process.

If you are experiencing some major detox symptoms, remember this: you are healing the root cause of your symptoms, not simply masking them. You often have to feel worse before your body lets you feel better.


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