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Pitless Avocados: What’s the Deal?

Are avocado injuries a thing of the past?! I recently discovered pitless avocados and couldn’t wait to do a little more digging. Here is what I discovered. To save shoppers from slicing and dicing their hands during pit removal (a remarkably common problem that ER docs now refer to as “avocado hand”), a British retailer … Continue reading Pitless Avocados: What’s the Deal?

Heal Your Leaky Gut with Bone Broth

When you hear the term “leaky gut,” what comes to mind? Digestive issues…? Tummy troubles…? Food sensitivities…? In reality, a leaky gut creates far more trouble than an upset stomach. Your health greatly depends on the balance of good and bad microbes that live inside your gut. How do microbes help you? Food digestion, immune system … Continue reading Heal Your Leaky Gut with Bone Broth

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